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Cook Tomatoes in 5 minutes


More About Chef Lembe

Chef Lembe is a brand for nutritional products intended to make cooking more fun and food more tasty. This family owned and operated business was founded by Esther Gadpaille with the objective of passing down recipes to future generations that have been in her family for over a hundred years. Chef Lembe was named after Esther's first granddaughter, Lembe, who took a liking to cooking alongside her grandmother from a young age. 


The Chef Lembe brand came to be when Esther began experimenting in the kitchen to find the perfect ingredients that would help make the preparation of family meals less time consuming while maintaining the authenticity of the dishes. Thus, Stew Helper and other Natural Delites were born. She has distributed these products all over the USA for the past 10 years.


Today, she is working on other innovative products that are healthy, time efficient, and economical


Absolutely loved it.

I'm sure you will too!

Chef Lembe, NYC

Innovative Creation

Fresh, Fast & Convenient 


"With regards to the Stew Helper, l use it most of the time. It is effective in eliminating the acidity from fresh tomatoes within a short period of time. Although it foams in the process, the acidity of the tomatoes is gone and the taste is not compromised"



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